wow powerleveling bless me.

i think most of u heard such news.according to an announcement from Activision Blizzard,Global subscribers to World of Warcraft crossed the 12 million mark.
After holding at 11.5 million subscribers for more than a year, some had assumed WoW had peaked. cheap wow power leveling, Between this announcement and the forthcoming expansion Cataclysm scheduled for release on December 7, we’d be willing to bet the venerable online role-playing game, which launched in 2004, will continue to add many expansions can we expect for a game like the World of Warcraft and its now 12 million-strong membership base?
At 12 million subscriptions, buy wow gold, we now anticipate WoW will see 480 total expansions (counting the three we already know about). At Blizzard’s current rate of releasing one expansion every 25 months, we predict that the last World of Warcraft expansion will hit 12,000 months from the date of the game’s November 23, 2004, U.S. launch date. That translates to an even millennium of World of Warcraft gaming.
For huge of members,what we will face in the following?
We’d love to see the expansion asap.While the presure of 12 million subscriptions, the expansion will be released frequently to keep a huge of members.A new long boring power leveling we will,what’s your point? glad or sigh about such a news?

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