spark time for prom dresses

Ladies,are you ready?
This is Pear Shape Bridal Gowns the time of year that tends to bring out the best in people.
Even though it’s the holiday season, some North Ridgeville High School students are already thinking ahead to prom night — but not for themselves. They’ve been collecting prom dresses to help girls who cannot afford pricey, new designer gowns find a nice dress for the big event.
The Unforgettable Prom Dress initiative wrapped up this week and the results are amazing. Kathy Ladrach, mother of one of the students working on the project, reported on Tuesday, the last day of the collection, that more New Arrivals Bridal Gowns than 110 dresses were donated.
In fact, one woman from Westlake said she read about the project in the Sun News and stopped by to donate two dresses. Kudos to the students, their support group and all those who donated prom wear. Many young ladies are sure to reap the benefits of this great initiative.

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