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[B]TOTO MS934304SF-01 Lloyd Elongated One Piece Toilet Review - Maximum Flushing Power

If you’re searching for a top of the line toilet there other than the TOTO Lloyd Elongated One Piece Toilet. You can have peace of mind for years with a clog-free toilet and say goodbye to your plumber.

Maximum Flushing Power

The TOTO Lloyd bathroom features the G-Max flushing system, an extremely powerful siphon jet activity that removes maximum bulk of waste in a single flush consequently, the terms were born"what goes down remains ". The TOTO G-Max became an industry’s benchmark, with its exceptional engineering design it is all but impossible to clog for years of use.

It draws on water to the bowl quickly with its extra-wide 3-inch flush valve compare to standard bathroom, this results in a flushing action that is stronger. A 2-1/8 inch big glazed trapway provides an unmatched capability for one-flush superiority that prevents it clogging. With this kind of power this bathroom is surprisingly quiet.

Great Looks And Really Comfortable

The TOTO Lloyd looks attractive in colour, by adding a unique design it makes more tasteful. This is an ADA compliant toilet with high-profile chair that provides you with the greatest comfort whilst sitting there. This is immensely beneficial for disabled and for member of your family.

Easy To Clean

This toilet is easier to wash than the. Made from top quality porcelain making it non-sticky to dirt and remains clean for longer period of time, if you truly value your time, this bathroom saves.

Contains Toto’s SoftClose Seat

It’s not necessary to buy a seat for this best flushing toilet that is wonderful because, the Toto SoftClose seat is included. It is made from durable polypropylene plastic stuff; this is highly resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals which ensure its toughness and long term. The chair is specially molded that perfectly shape your body shape. It comes in an anti-slid design that prevents it from slipping while you’re sitting there [/B]- [B]Read more good information: The best flushing toilet reviews & how to choose them - Medium.

The TOTO SoftClose seat is intelligently design that remove those annoying noises, this is ideal as it reduces the casual harms for a more secure environment, when you have kids in your home. This is made possible with the built-in hinge system which slows down as it lower the bowl seat. A tightening bolt is provided to make sure its easy installation and removing when cleaning.[/B]


Elegant look in a sculpted design it creates more elegant

An ADA compliant for comfort height Which Makes it comfortable for disabled and elderly individual

1 piece bathroom design for ease of cleaning

G-Max Power siphon jet flushing system that get rids of waste in a flush, what goes down remains

Oversize valve, That’s bigger than the conventional 2-inch valve which draws water fast for a more forceful flushing action

Bigger tramway in a In. design that overlooks a bathroom that is free that is clogged

Low water consumption of only 1.6Gpf and the 7 Gpf compare, this will reduce your water bill

Quiet flushing system which does not disturb anyone who’s sleeping at night

TOTO SoftClose seat is comprised that totally eliminates those slam noises and reduces the accidental injuries, this Is Excellent if you have children at home

An design seat with anti-skid pad for relaxation


The TOTO Lloyd is a high-end toilet design for optimum flushing performance that totally get rid of your issue for years. The looks are excellent and the ADA height makes it comfy to any members of the household. Made of the finest materials that are very durable that stays in top shape for years and the addition of warranty provides you peace of mind when buying this powerful toilet. What else could we ask for your toilet?

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Things You Need To Know

Back in grade school Science course, we’ve studied about its use as well as compost for the environment. Compost is an organic matter Only a refresher. Organic material such as animals crops and other materials that originated out of living organisms made and are poisonous as fertilizer.

Were you aware that manure could be use as compost? Yes, in reality, environmentalists advocate families to use toilets as an alternate for toilets. So what are composting toilets? How does this work? Following are significant truth about composting toilets that so that you will not have to return to conventional toilets, you ought to understand[/B]

[B]Which Are Composting Toilets?

Composting is the process of decomposing organic matter. Organic matter comes from plants and creatures. Human waste is. As a matter of fact, if you will go back to your anatomy and physiology, man’s digestive system have done the majority of breaking down procedure of food. So that the decomposing is more fast in human manure as compared to backyard compost.

Take note that the human waste is made up of 90 percent water. The main function of A composting toilet is evaporation. If you are looking for an ecological approach to save water, it’s the way to go. This type of toilet can be known as toilets that were biological and toilets. According to study, in the usa, the household flushes 100,000 liters of water. We’re talking about toilet flushing independently. Can you imagine how much water goes down the pipe when using the dishwasher, shower and swimming pool? Surely we will be able to save millions of liters of water if people know on they are.

How Does It Work?

A separate evaporation chamber is used by Producers of composting toils where liquid is heated and evaporated. The machine employs a fan move across the device. Germs and green material are added to encourage breaking down of the minerals. You’re then left with compost, which may be used as backyard garden compost.


There are several kinds of composting toilets available on the market. They’ve been in existence for a long time because of constraints like the odor, waste removal, suitability it remains an invention. There are done to make them more sustainable and more convenient, since we’re currently living in the 21st century.

If you would like to use it at home, you can select between central composting systems and units. The first sort is placed right inside the restroom. The self-contained type can be found in versions. The second type, that’s the composting system is a two way-system. It is possible to get a toilet within the bathroom and it’s attached to a central composting unit. This unit can be seen away from the house or in the cellar area.


People who use composting toilets have surely ripped its own benefits. 1 benefit of this type of flushing toilet(Best flushing toilet reviews | All Good item for you to day - is the dramatic reductions in water use. This type of bathroom doesn’t work with water, therefore expect to save more than 50 percent percent on water expenditures. As this type of bathroom utilizes air flow, bathroom odor is significantly reduced. In reality, the odor escapes like a extraction fan.

They are not only practical, they’re ecological also. In times of economic strife, it’s very important to learn how to store. 1 way to save on energy, money and water would be to use toilets.[/B]

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