Si vogliono acquistare iphone 3G

Ricerca per il venditore del cellulare per inviare in Russia.

I need unlocked or unlockable iphones 2G and 3G.

Please answer here, if you can offer something.


Sorry for my Italiano - it’s my first time :rolleyes:

Hello, do you leave in Russia?

Yes. I’m from Russia, Moscow.

I found this forum by Google.

I buy iphones from the USA, but all locked.
I listened, that in Italy iphones are unlocked and can sell with “pay and go” contract.

Is it true?

Please, write to my private area for not flooding the forum.

In italy are Iphones unlocked…

But I think that this topic isn’t regular for this forum.
I ask to the admin if this is permised…

So I clos it for the moment.
Sorry for my english…:P.

Ok…topic OPEN…

I could be interesting to your offer. how much do you pay for an iphone?

usually I’m oriented to ebay prices, but there are locked iphones for about 650-700USD
and now I know, that iphones will be sell from Russian cell providers at october 2008.

For course of this fact I have conflicting opinion about price.

I ask you about your offer.
You can answer me to PM.


sorry for my delay, i was on resort … :slight_smile:

usually the iphone price in Moscow is about 750 $ (520 Euro) but all the phones are locked.

I’lle be in Moscow and Dmitrov in the middle of september , if you agreed you can contact me …

It will be cool.

Moscow and Dmitrov are ok both. I can .

Please exact, what models of iphones do You offer.
Locked or no. If unlocked - what is the method of unlocking etc.

If You interested, we can cooperate.

But remember, iphones sales begins in Russia at september-october at three cellular operators at once.

I’ll give You my contacts in Private Message.

i’ve white iphone i’ve buy it 31th july 2008 i sell for 450 euros about 650 usd +
spedition costs. unlocked.