problema wi-fi

ciao a tutti, sono nuovo del forum, ho questo problema: da giorni non mi si connetteva con il wi-fi di casa, e adesso quando lo voglio attivare, sulla casella wi-fi mi dice “nessuna rete wi-fi” ed è diventata di colore grigio e non mi fa più “cliccare” li sopra.
cos’è successo, come posso risolverlo?

nessuno che sa aiutarmi?

hai provato con un ripristino…? forse é un problema dovuto a qualche applicazione installata…dopo il ripristino nn installare il backup e prova se il wifi funziona.

ho provato con il ripristino, e il wi-fi funziona, ma appena installo il backup torna come prima!! come faccio?

a questo punto c’é qualche problema con le applicazioni…quali avevi installato prima di ripristinare?

Ho il medesimo problema e non riesco a risolvero anke perche non ho un backup come faccio -.-

Conviene reinstallare tutto dall’inizio e provare man mano che il wifi funzioni…
per caso usato bossprefs o simili?
Controllate se li risulti il wifi spento.

E capitato a che a me… Solo che dopo il riavvio è tornato agibile… Non so dirti il perchè!

Ciao tutti,

I am living in Singapore and bought my iphone in lecco.
i have the same problem as you, my wifi is “greyed-out”.

I went down to the Apple Service centre and they explained to me that it is a hardware proble. The wifi antenna and/or comboard are broken.
You can go down to the shop you have bought your phone and get it exchanged for free. For you that is quite easy, for me it is impossible.

I bought my phone in Lecco and I called the shop to ask if I can mail the phone to them, they answered no. They can only accept the phone and replace it if somebody drops by the shop (tim) in person.

My question here is: Does anybody live in or close to Lecco and would like to earn 50 Euro? I will mail my broken iPhone to you, you need to go to the shop and get it replaced and send it back to me. I will transfer 50 Euro to you. Of course I will pay for the postal costs.

let me know if you are interested and do not hesitate to e-mail me.
Grazie mille in anticipo. Thanks.

here in italy, apple service repairs also non-italian iphone…isn’t the same in singapore?
you sent them your iphone, and they will give you another sim unlocked one :confused1:

No, the repairs or replacement is done through Singtel (the carrier). Apple is not involved in the process… I wish it was that easy.:cursing:

ok…very strange…but you carrier doesn’t send it to apple too? sorry i don’t know how this things works in singapore

No, my carrier is stating that “the phone has to be purchased from us” in order to get warranty on the defect.
Apple is stating, we only provide a warranty for your phone in Italy, country warranty or something like that…
So, I am stuck. I am going to give it one more try this weekend at the service centre.

In Italy, do you have to present the phone to the shop where you bought the phone for warranty, or is a random TIM shop ok?

in italy, you simply call the apple call center, tell them your problem and they will call UPS service…UPS comes at your home, takes your iphone and send it in holland…after a few days (a week or something like that) you will receive a new iphone or a refurbished one (if you are unlucky)

you can also go to a tim or vodafone center, but you have less problems if you directly call the apple service

OK, that is good to hear. Did you do this before?

Now I just have to find someone in Italy who I can send my iPhone to.
I will let them call the service centre and they will get UPS to pick up the phone.
Sounds like a good deal.
Thanks for the help Snoze!

So, basically call this number? (39) 199 120 800

fortunally, i didn’t do it before asd
call the number than you find in my signature, (0039) 800 554 533…this one is a free number :wink:

Does anybody have experience with the pick up by Apple / DHL?
How long does it usually take before they come and will they deliver the new iPhone to your address as well?