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The Three Most Common Problems Your Vacuum Cleaner Might Encounter & How to Fix Them

Our team at has made a list of the three most commonly-encountered problems with vacuum cleaners of all shapes and sizes. We also provide you with some simple methods to temporarily get rid of these problems by yourself. In case you’ve tried all the methods given in this article and your vacuum cleaner still does not work correctly, it is high time to take your handheld vacuum to the repair shop for a thorough checkup!

Problem number 1 - Loss of suction

The problems with bagged vacuum cleaners usually lie in the machine’s bag. Therefore, if your vacuum is a bagged type, we recommend that you should check the bag firstly to see whether it’s full or not. A vacuum bag with holes or loose fitting could also be the main reason your vacuum is not working.

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If you own a vacuum cleaner without bags, you should check the machine’s container to make sure that it does not need to be emptied. A quick check-up can also help identify whether the container is still tightly seated and ensure that there are no cracks – if you find at least one of these problems with your container then it’s time to fix or replace it.

The next reason that can lead to loss of suction in vacuum cleaners is that the filters are clogged with dust. Once the filters are clogged, the suction cannot work as accurately as when it isn’t clogged, or sometimes there is no suction coming from the vacuum at all.

Therefore, it is wise to check the filter once in awhile. If it is a washable filter, we recommend you to take it out and use plain water to clean it; no chemicals or cleaners are needed for this step. All you need to do is let the water run through the filter until the water comes out clean. Before you reinsert the filter, make sure you have dried it completely. Wet filters and vacuum cleaner motors do not go well together, as wetness can damage motors badly.

If your vacuum’s filter is made of paper, such as HEPA filters, it is best that you take the machine to a local retailer to get a suitable replacement filter.

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In case you have tried all the methods relating to the filters, and your vacuum cleaner still lacks suction, then the problem could be because of the hoses. Check the hoses for clogs. Most of them are designed so that they can be separated from the main unit and this makes things easier when you need to check if the hoses are clogged or not.

Problem number 2 – Beater bar stopped moving, or there is a burning smell when cleaning with your vacuum

The answer to these two problems could be that your vacuum cleaner’s belt has been broken and it needs to be replaced. Replacing a vacuum cleaner belt is an easy task, and belts can be purchased from most major retailers. The cost can vary for different models.

Problem number 3 - Vacuum stops working during use

The high-temperature protection function in most vacuum cleaners causes the machines motor to automatically shut off if it is overheated from working too long. This sensor helps save the motor from being damaged by the heat. When you connect the intake hose, this function can be triggered, causing the machine to stop working.

For handheld vacuum cleaners that run on battery power, the problem could be a loose connection at the battery. If this is the case, your hand vacuum needs a repair.


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Whether you own the latest designed bagless model or an old bagged vacuum cleaner, it is common knowledge that vacuum cleaners are one of the most used and favored appliances found in almost every home these days. Although the mechanics of vacuum cleaners might be simple, they can still encounter various problems that require repair or maintenance.