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Absolute privacy

Bangladesh will be genuine absolute privacy That night, a strange man entered the room of a female boss , female boss just covered in the bath filled with a youthful glow,MBT outlet, flushed cheek full of happiness. strange man Clinging to a female boss, and kissing her crazy , then , the woman owner of a strange man under pressure in the body , can not wait to take off their underwear . all appear in the small arms in the long lens camera . D Army excitement of a night. The next day, he copied a tape , sent to a female boss . Ding Jun with a note ,Abercrombie France, ask for two hundred thousand yuan , if not agreed to request,MBT scarpe vendita, will send this Zhang made ​​public the contents of the tape . Ding Jun in the streets tell the female owner of a public phone in the specific delivery location . Ding Jun did not meet directly with the female boss . He went to the designated location in the middle of the night Ding Jun to really get the money . As he excited the occasion of excitement ,mbt, a pistol in his lower back to withstand . Ding Jun was handcuffed . Ding Jun on suspicion of extortion and Infringement of privacy and criminal charges of betrayal . before the court understand the small army , and that strange man is a woman boss’s husband , who is in Hong Kong,Abercrombie, the couple separated two had long-term because of work .