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Remote sensing image fast storage and metadata extraction System

ndlyfunction. Startingwithadifferentangle,louis vuitton wallet, theauthorstransformtheremotesensingimageintotheuser - definedfilewhichcanbehandledbytheoperationsystem. Metadatainformationofimagescanbeextractedandstoredintotherelationaldatabase, witheachmetadataitemcorrespondingtoauser-definedfile. Inthisway, theimportingandexportingofmassremotesensingdatacanbegreatlyspeededup, andthemetadatainformationcanbeconsultedquicklyandconveniently. Keywords: Remotesensing; Imagedatabase; Metadata; Dataorganization; Informationextraction First Author: Du (1978), male, Ph.D., Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, mainly in geographic information systems,uggs nederland, remote sensing data processing and disaster monitoring and other research. (Editor: Diaoshu Juan) ll ● … ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … ◆ … l ● … ● … l ● … l ◆ … l ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … l ● … ● … ● … l ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … l ◆ … l ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ … ◆ … ◆ … l ● … ◆ … l ● … ◆ … l ◆ … ◆ l ◆ … l ◆ … l ◆ … l ● … ● … 1.61ll ● l carry the ball}}}}}}}} news reports united Si Feng a strong July 1st, the official opening of Qinghai-Tibet railway has attracted worldwide attention. This full 1142km, the world’s highest and longest plateau railway in the history of the railway is built in China Digital rail first plateau. Railway is the core of the digital geographic mapping information data to support the automatic control system, the world’s only Britain, France, the United States, Germany and other few countries to master the technology. early January 2005, facing difficulties, Lanzhou Military Region, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Survey and Mapping Team to undertake Golmud -Lhasa section of the task. The next problem is the Ministry of Railways to provide requested before the end of Golmud in 1 to budongquan measurements. in accordance with international standards, the digital mapping of the railway under dynamic conditions the error must be less than 1m, and the dynamic conditions of domestic under the mapping error is 18m, which means that under the current standards of the mapping data can not meet the needs of train operation. Meanwhile, because of the time, heavy task, the traditional RTK measurements difficult to complete the task within the stipulated time. Lanzhou Mapping brigade through market research relevant staff decided to adopt new technological means - PrrG technology set up control points in the state Class B testing on. 30min, the display latitude and longitude and the actual value was less than 10am. In the following 2d of, PRG + RTK technology was tested, after a post-treatment measurement accuracy of identification that the test results better than the nominal target. January 23 think strong technical staff and Lanzhou Military Region, the Qinghai-Tibet line of 13 climb the line, the implementation of the first phase of mapping mission,tory burch shoes, the plateau at low temperature and did not let equipment failure, the control point in the Golmud Class B once again proved the high performance test equipment quickly. subsequent 6d mapping mission, the Lanzhou Military Region, who easily finished mapping the 180km of the mapping mission (3m one point, lights, switches, km standard measurement data,tory burch shoes, etc.). In 6d The actual mapping, the mapping Battalion Chief Executive, said: The mapping to create a new mapping of the Battalion records, to overcome the high altitude, cold and other adverse environmental impacts, plans to complete the mapping 14d is possible only with the 6d task is complete. After relevant departments of the Ministry of Railways after the actual test survey data, which is far superior to their request, on the Lanzhou Military Region, efficient work style,ghd hair, and precision mapping data satisfactory. (cool plum)
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