Impostazione MMSC-Proxy-APN Vodafone x SwirlyMMS

Come da titolo (ho stuprato il tasto cerca ma niente da fare…).
Qualche buon’anima posseditrice di Swirly con carrier Vodafone può magnanimamente indicarmi le impostazioni adeguate? Fra l’altro ho seguito la guida del sito per l’impostazione ma quando provo ad inviare mi da errore… :confused1:

Da poco è presente su cydia un aggiornamento di Swirly: da quel che ho potuto verificare sono stati cambiati il colore dell’icona oltre che a qualche dettaglio grafico in genere e sono stati migliorati l’invio e la ricezione dei mess (lo deduco dal fatto che ieri non mi inviava nulla mentre dopo l’aggiornamento ha cominciato a funzionare tutto a meraviglia senza che avessi modificato nessuna impostazione…).
Consiglio quindi di aggiornare :wink:



I’m going to bump the thread PRETTY WOMANPART 9INT. PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - MORNINGVivian is asleep. She turns over, slowly waking. Her hand goes out to touch Edward and encounters nothing but empty bed.Vivian comes awake with a sudden start. She look aroundmomentarily frightened, not sure where she is. Sighing withrelief, she lies back down. She sees Edward’s American Expresscard on the pillow next to her.EDWARD (O.S.)Wake up, Vivian. Time to shop.Edward comes out of the bathroom and moves toward the bed.He is tying his tie. Vivian sits up and ties it for him. Hesmiles at her.EDWARDI still don’t understand why youonly bought one dress.VIVIANI wasn’t as much fun as Ithought it was going to be.EDWARDWhy not?VIVIANWell, you know those cold bitchesthat work in those stores and tryto intimidate you? It works.EDWARDWas someone rude to you?VIVIANI had a little problem in onestore. I wasn’t dressed right.I don’t know what to say. I don’tbelong there. Maybe I’ll justgo back to Bridget. She was cool.EDWARDVivian, you belong wherever youare. I don’t care how you weredressed, they were the ones whowere wrong, not you.Edward sits on the bed.EDWARD (cont’d)People aren’t going to respectyou unless you respect yourself.(a beat)The next time someone is rude toyou, you stare at them right here.He softly touches her, right between the eyes.EDWARD (cont’d)It’s an old trick I use,especially with bankers. Worksevery time. Will you try it?VIVIAN(confidently)Okay.EDWARDGood.VIVIAN(a beat)Come with me?Edward looks at his watch. Vivian covers it with her hand.VIVIANPlease.INT. BOUTIQUE - DAYA beautiful, chic women’s shop. The haughty SALESGIRLapproaches Vivian near a rack of dresses. Edward hovers in theb.g.VIVIAN(nervous)Hello. Can you help me?The Salesgirl looks Vivian up and down. A Pause. Vivian givesher “the stare” and straightens up. We see the Salesgirl’sreaction change.VIVIAN(confidently)I’m looking for a dress, nothingtoo flashy, not too sexy,conservative. In a size six.SALESGIRL(uncomfortable underVivian’s stare)Do… do you have a chargeaccount with us?Vivian smiles and draws out Edward’s American Express card.The Salesgirl nods and quickly moves to a rack of dresses tofind Vivian’s size.INT. BOUTIQUE - DAY - IN A SERIES OF CUTSVivian tries on different clothes under Edward and theSalesgirl’s supervision.Vivian comes happily out of the dressing room wearing a lowcut, spangled and fringed outfit. Edward shakes his hand. TheSalesgirl holds a classic tweed ensemble over Vivian’s outfit.Vivian scowls.VIVIAN(sighing)I look like fucking Nancy Reagan.INT. BOUTIQUE - ANOTHER ANGLEThe Salesgirl shows Edward clothes by Ann Taylor. He turns to find Vivian happily holding up a tiny, low cut leather dress.Edward shakes his head in mock disapproval. Vivian scowls.INT. BOUTIQUE - ANOTHER ANGLE - LATERVivian is wearing an elegant pastel dress. Edward is standingat the store’s bar, watching and talking on the telephone.INT. STUCKEY’S OFFICE - DAY - INTERCUT WITH EDWARDStuckey and Vance are pouring over stock reports, talking to Edward on the speaker phone.VANCEKross came out of his cornerswinging. He started buying upall available stock as soon asthe market opened.EDWARD(almost to himself)He’s a tough old son of abitch…Edward is watching Vivian. She pulls the hem of her skirt upto mid thigh. She looks hopefully over to Edward. Edwardshakes his head.VANCEIt’s up to ten and a quarter.EDWARDOffer nine and a half. Bringthem back down to earth.STUCKEYGoddamit! Where is he gettingthe money to fight?EDWARDSomeone’s loaning it to him.Get on it right away.STUCKEYOur contract guys are workingon the Kross pension funds.There’s another forty millionthere. We can bleed’m dry.There is a sudden hesitation in Edward’s eyes. He watches asVivian tries on a hat. She preens for him. He smiles.EDWARD(to Vance & Stuckey)Put the pension funds on holduntil I say otherwise.STUCKEY(surprised)We’re letting them slide?EDWARDI want the treatment plantlicenses to be top priority rightnow.STUCKEYBut, Edward…EDWARDDo it.Edward hangs up and takes a long look at Vivian. She movesto him.EDWARD(looks at his watch)You’re on your own now, Vivian.I’ve got to get to work. Besensible and you can keepeverything. Spend too much andit all goes back.Vivian hugs him again.EXT. RODEO DRIVE - DAYVivian walks along Rodeo Drive. She looks lovely in the pinkdress and new, white shoes. A pretty, white hat is the finaltouch. She carries a bag containing her old clothes. She stopsand a trashcan and ceremonially throws the offending items away.INT. TORIE STEELE BOUTIQUE - SHOPPING MONTAGEWe SEES Vivian in each department within the store withdifferent SALESPEOPLE. She happily and confidently tries ona variety of dresses, hats, shoes, accesarries, etc.1) Vivian is in a dressing stall. She tosses a dress outto a waiting SALESWOMAN.VIVIANNot me!2) A SALESWOMAN holds a long, purple evening gown.VIVIAN(imitating Bridget)Horrid!3) Vivian is admiring a pair of beautiful suede dress pumps.Her attention is drawn to the SALESMEN’S exotic hand-paintedtie.VIVIANWhere’d you get your tie?4) Vivian stands in front of an enormous tie rack with theSalesman, a dozen wild, swirling designed ties are hanging overhis outstretched arm. Vivian picks out the brightest one andsmiles.EXT. RODEO DRIVE - DAYVivian’s arms are filled with clothing boxes and bags. Shefeels like she owns the block. A well-dressed MAN passes by,smiling politely. Vivian’s nose lifts as she happily ignoreshim.Suddenly Vivian stops. She’s about to pass the shop she wasthrown out of. Vivian takes a breath and enters the shop.INT. BOUTIQUE - DAYVivian enters. The moment she steps through the door, Vivian’scourage leaves her.The saleswoman is waiting on a CUSTOMER.SALESWOMAN(to the customer)Isn’t this lovely? I think itwould look wonderful on you.Vivian musters her courage. She takes a deep breath and startsforward.SALESWOMAN(to her customer)Would you like to try it on?VIVIAN’Scume me.Both the saleswoman and her customer look up. The saleswomansmiles pleasantly.SALESWOMANYes?VIVIANDo you remember me?SALESWOMANNo, I’m sorry, I don’t.VIVIANI was in here yesterday.Vivian slowly raises her middle finger. The recognition startsto dawn in the saleswoman’s eyes. Vivian’s courage begins toreturn.VIVIANYeah. That’s right. It’s me.I want you to know something.You made me feel terrible. Iwasn’t dressed right and you saidI didn’t belong here. Well, Ido. You’re the one that waswrong, not me. And I want to tellyou something else. I’m nevergonna shop here again as long asI live.And with that, Vivian turns and walks out.The saleswoman is stunned. A beat. The customer thrusts thedress into the saleswoman’s arm as if offended by Vivian’sspeech and leaves the store also. Most of us take life for granted. 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