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We are Recognized Distributer of Various Consumer Electronics. We Specialize in a wide Range of Products such as Mobile Phones,Video Games, Laptops, Dj Equipments, Ipods, Xboxs and many more.

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Playstation 2–$120
Playstation 3(20,60,80GB)–$250
Sony PSP Value Pack–$100
Nintendo Wii — $155
Nintendo Ds Lite----$70
Xbox 360 Prenium pack --$150
Xbox 360 Halo 3------$200

Garmin 7500 automotive unit displays navigation ----- $250usd
GARMIN StreetPilot 7200 GPS Navigator -----$200usd
Garmin StreetPilot C530 GPS Navigator----$150usd
TomTom International BV TOMTOM GO 700 Navigator —$150usd
Tomtom Guo 700 GPS Portable Car Navigator-----$180usd
TomTom GO 910 Car Navigator—$200usd

New LX Brown sidekick—$250usd
Sidekick slide–$220usd
D-Wade Limited Edition Sidekick 3—$1800usd
LRG sidekick 3 special Edition—$130usd
Sidekick 3-----$130usd
Sidekick 2-----$100usd

Apple iPod Nano 4GB New—$100.50
Apple iPod U2 SE 30GB—$105.95
Apple iPod Photo 60GB —$125.50

Apple Ipod touch 16 GB–$200usd
Apple Ipod touch 8 GB–$150usd

Apple iphone 4GB—$200
Apple iphone 8GB—$2500
Apple iphone 16GB–$350

Sony Ericsson p900— $140
Sony Ericsson p910 —$170

LG CHOCOLATE------$120
LG PRADA-----$220

Palm Treo 755p—$200
Palm Treo 750-----$200
Palm Treo 700w—$180
Palm Treo 650-----$140
Palm Treo 700p—$180

Motorola Razor v3x—$145
Motorola V3i —$140
Motorola Rock1—$120
Motorola W220 —$160
Motorola Q for Verizon–$200
Motorola rokr e1 for–$170usd
Motorola slvr l7 —$190usd
Motorola v8 for —$190usd
Motorola v600 —$100usd
Motorola v3C for-$160usd

Nextel i930-------$120
Nextel i870-------$110
Nextel i860-------$100
Nextel i850-------$90

Samsung z710— $200 us
samsung serene --$190usd
Samsung x810–$180usd
S amsung z700–$220usd
Samsung p860—$150usd

HTC P6500 Sirius Pocket PC Smartphone (unlocked)–$450
HTC Touch Diamond P3700 (unlocked)–$350
HTC Touch PRO EU (unlocked)-----$350
HTC Advantage X7500—$350
HTC P4550 TYTN II Pocket PC (unlocked)–$250
At&t Tilt 8925 Pocket PC (unlocked)–$200
HTC Touch Dual Slider Smartphone P5500 (unlocked) 16 Key–$200
HTC Touch Dual NA P5520 Smartphone (unlocked) 20 Key–$220
HTC Touch Smartphone Soft Black (unlocked)–$180
HTC S710 Smartphone (unlocked)–$150
HTC Touch Smartphone P3450 Silver (unlocked)–$150
HTC Touch Cruise P3650 Polaris 3G Smartphone (unlocked)–$250
HTC TYTN Pocket PC OPEN BOX (unlocked)–$170
HTC Touch Smartphone Soft Black OPEN BOX (unlocked)–$150
HTC P3470 Smartphone (unlocked)----$170

Nokia 6500 Slide Silver (unlocked)—$150
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Red (unlocked)–$120
Nokia 6500 Classic Black (unlocked)—$120
Nokia N81 Graphite grey (unlocked)—$140
Nokia 8800 Arte (unlocked)—$450
Nokia N95-3 US Multimedia Smartphone Red (unlocked)–$170
Nokia 8600 US Luna High Fashion (unlocked)—$250
Nokia N95-2 8GB Smartphone OPEN BOX (unlocked)–$250
Nokia N96 16GB Smartphone (unlocked)–$300
Nokia E90 Communicator (unlocked)----$250
Nokia N78 Blue (unlocked)—$220
Nokia E71-3 EU Smartphone Grey (unlocked)–$200
Nokia E66 Smartphone (unlocked)—$150
Nokia E71-2 NA Smartphone Grey (unlocked)–$200
Nokia 6500 Slide Black (unlocked)–$120
Nokia 3600 Slide Charcoal (unlocked)–$120
Nokia 6600 Slide Black (unlocked)–$150
Nokia N77 (unlocked)–$250
Nokia E61i (unlocked)–$140
Nokia N800 NSERIES Internet Tablet OPEN BOX–$120

All units are 100% tested and all brand new and all in perfect working conditions. We have an moq of 3-5units and we send out sample units on request. We send via reputable courier companies and delivery is at your doorstep 2-3days after shipment (maximum) .

We guarantee a full refund and an exchange within 1 month if any functional problems.

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