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Get back to pre-Instagram fundamentals at the Bushwick Community Darkroom (1087 Flushing Ave., nr. Porter Ave, Unit 106, Bushwick; 718-218-4023). Show up during open hours (Tuesdays through Sundays noon to 9 p.m. ; $12 an hour) to make use of the black-and-white or color darkrooms outfitted with Omega and Beseler enlargers. Bring negatives, or have them developed in-house for $6 to $8 per roll. Lapsed Arbuses can take refresher courses in processing and chemistry (from $40), or keep their hands out of the stop bath altogether at the recently launched tintype-portrait studio in the Penumbra Foundation Center for Alternative Photography (36 E. 30th St., nr. Sit for a nineteenth-century-style selfie, snapped with a period-authentic large-format camera and “printed” on a sheet of blackened aluminum dipped in silver nitrate. The process takes around 45 minutes and costs $75 to $95, depending on the size of the keepsake. Book ahead online at capworkshops

Where to: Pump Vintage IronBefore PX90, it was only you, a tape deck, and your grandfather’s spare weights. Awaken that old Balboa gumption at 36-year-old Frenchie’s Gym (303 Broadway, nr. The eponymous septuagenarian owner (ne Santos Ramos) worked as a WWF ref in the seventies, but nowadays he holds court in the bare-bones centre, seeing to its bench presses, lat pull-downs, and timeworn dumbbells. For $30 per month, everyone can workout here and exchange barbs using Frenchie, but amenities-seekers be aware: There are no TVs or ac. Get Ping-pong table on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestpingpongtable/

Where to: Throw Darts and Dominate FoosballSome might say that dart tossing, like competitive eating, does not deserve to be called a sport. 13th St.; 212-473-7770) on a normal Monday or Tuesday–if it is league night at the Irish pub–will silence all debate. With six wall-mounted boards, ten home groups, and a small supply shop selling flights and stalks, the East Village bar is base camp to get serious chuckers. (Less-studious throwers can practice their throw in serenity Wednesday through Sunday.) Foosball nostalgics, meanwhile, have been gravitating to the newest location of coffee and espresso bar Sweetleaf (135 Kent Ave., at N. 6th St., Williamsburg; 347-725-4862), where owner Richard Nieto has set up a Dynamo Tornado table, presumably to give coffee-wired notebook warriors a creative recreation. [IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“center”,“data-size”:“custom”,“height”:“352”,“width”:“600”,“src”:“http://odishasuntimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/tebale-tennis.jpg”}[/IMG2]

Where to: Rule Board GamesStrategists often square off in the Sackett (661 Sackett St., in Fourth Ave., Park Slope; 718-622-0437), where the match collection includes Scrabble, Bananagrams, Jenga, Connect 4, checkers, and dominoes. For more physical difficulties, track performance-artist duo HiChristina Their periodic Make New Friends party at Culturefix ($10 suggested donation; 9 Clinton St., nr. E. Houston St.; 646-863-7171) culminates at a game of nouveau Twister that subs out color controls for personal facts about every one of the players (“Right hand on guy who rode a stationary equipment for here”).

Guru Suggestion: "Consider what we call ‘leaves’–what you depart on your own rack after you have made your drama but before you draw new tiles. If you are not leaving behind letters that will promote a better next rack, start looking for an alternative play. It’s sometimes worth mentioning points to conserve a better leave.

"Where to: Perform Ping-PongThe 2009 opening of table-tennis megaclub SPiN reintroduced conditions such as penhold, shakehand, and rate drive into the urban gamer’s glossary–but its own sexed-up trappings repelled more serious Ping-Pongers. Enter the nine-month-old King Pong Soho (30 Vandam St. nr. Varick St.; 212-255-0205), an ascetic’s table-tennis club with low-glitz and pro-level appointments: eight Joola tables, wood floors with a shoe-gripping finish, and bright lights to help keep one’s eye on the ball. Swing by on Wednesdays (7 to 8:30 p.m.) or Saturdays (12:30 to two p.m.) for $25 workshops directed by an Olympic Ping-Pong optimistic or a Chinese table-tennis prodigy. Private coaching is $70 an hour.

Pro Tip: "Hit to the ideal hip of a righty and the left hip of a lefty, and mix your functions between slow and fast, long and short. Your opponent can’t prepare for a function if he doesn’t understand where it’s going.

" --Marty Reisman, president of Table Tennis CountryWhere to: Jam With Your BandWaterfront recording-and-rehearsal studio that the End (13 Greenpoint Ave., nr. West St., Greenpoint; 718-383-0181) creates a distant memory of your teenhood cellar’s unforgiving concrete walls. Though many musicians bring their own gear, the just-completed centre can hook up journeymen using drums, guitars, a piano, a cello, and whatever else they may care to wail on. Other amenities include two rooftop lounges, two indoor lounges, a personal stage with psychedelic lights, plus a fully equipped kitchen. Rentals begin at $20 an hour for smaller rooms or $250 a day; longer-term rentals come with private shower and bathroom.

Where to: Get a Slumber PartyOf all of the items lost when you quit going to slumber parties–plentiful junk food, whimsical pajama sets–the high-octane bonding may be the most grievous. Mark Winkel and Kevin Balktick, of event-production company Winkel & Balktick, revive the art of after-midnight chitchat in their bimonthly Pillow Talk bashes. The all-night slumber-party string is staged in a cavernous Dumbo loft kitted out with cozy rugs, hundreds of plush pillows, and a nap-friendly “panda pit” stuffed with 4,000 stuffed bears. The duo maintain the entertainment to a purposeful minimum to promote prolonged conversation: Violinists, discreet D.

J. places, short-story-tellers, and puppeteers have attended sleepovers past. Overnight guests are asked to wear pj’s and bring sleeping bags together with food and drink to share; contact Winkel through his website (winkelstudio) to score an invite to an upcoming party.

Where to: Master Video GamesCourt carpal tunnel at Next Level (4013 Eighth Ave., nr. 41st St., Sunset Park; 347-618-8813), the city’s premiere social club for serious players. The Brooklyn place rose up when venerable arcade Chinatown Fair closed its doors and reopened as a family-fun center, sending its hardcore community of joystick jockeys seeking a new clubhouse. To get a few bucks ($3 for the first hour $2.50 after that; include a quarter for music games), get your thumbs into conflict shape at one of eight arcade stations, such as Darkstalkers, X-Men, and DJMax Technika. Wednesday-night tournaments draw Street Fighter acolytes, while other nights have been dedicated to card games like Magic the Gathering.

The hem-and-haw joys of surfing a mazelike video store–its wares organized by genre (Foreign, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Cult, Drama, Animation)–have mostly gone the way of the nickelodeon, but recently reopened movie-rental shop and screening room Videology (308 Bedford Ave., in S. 1st St., illiamsburg; 718-782-3468) is keeping the Blockbuster fire alive with a 16,000-strong catalog of new releases and small, independent titles. Read the DVD and Blu-ray collection onto a home iPad and also have a seat in the bar while a staffer pulls your pick from the cellar storeroom. Movie-inspired beverages (Bond vespers, Lebowski White Russians) and ubiquitous Brooklyn snacks (Liddabit Sweets caramels, s’mores from a Smorgasburg vendor) encourage clients to remain awhile. Rates start at $2.50 for one-day rentals, and members can book in-demand releases, such as the Hunting for Sugar Man documentary due out January 22, by phoning ahead.

Where to: Construct Manly Items Secondly Ave., Unit 208, Gowanus; 917-873-5542) courts metrosexual Ron Swansons with its five-week Intro to Woodworking classes ($535; following sessions begin January 6 and 9). Instructor Annie Raso takes students through table and band saws, routers, and drill presses in the run-up to creating a small piece of furniture. More advanced tinkerers use for membership (from $125 a month) in the nearby Gowanus Studio Space (166 7th St., nr. Second Ave.; 347-948-5753), in which dues cover 24-hour accessibility into some woodworking studio and fabrication shop.
Pro Tip: “Use soft woods for decoration and hard woods for construction. Basswood is very good for chip carving, but you would not build a cabinet out of it” --Nick Zdon, expert at Greatest Made CompanyLike conversation, beer-pong Ability is something vastly enhanced after a drink or two–and then immediately devolves after one too many. Find the sweet spot at Greenwich Village Country Club (110 University Pl., nr. 13th St.; 212-255-8188), where four metal tables designed expressly for its collegiate drinking match roll out on Friday and Saturday nights. Pitchers of PBR and Sam Adams are $22 to $32; the bar provides red Solo cups and balls at no cost. Sink a couple bounce-shots, then meander round the 16,000-square-foot space, also equipped with a nine-hole miniature-golf program, air-hockey table, shuffleboard court, and pool table.

Professional Tip: "Keep your arm straight and throw from the surface of your brow down, like you’re shaking somebody’s hand.

Read more about robot for practics ping pong here: https://www.quora.com/profile/PongStart/Ping-Pong-Start-1/Best-Ping-Pong-Robot-Table-Tennis-Robot-And-How-To-Choose

" --Pete Rawson, participant and broadcaster for the World Series of Beer PongWhere to: Make OutKissing strangers might sound awfully chaste at a post-Fifty Shades world, but to not Larisa Fuchs; her yearly House of Scorpio Lip Service parties really are a hub for no-strings-attached makeout sessions. Stop by houseofscorpio.com into RSVP and read the rules (that the gist: Do not be creepy), then show up in costume–vases, hats, and corsetry are popular with this pansexual audience, while business apparel is strictly forbidden. Fuchs can help coordinate icebreaker games like Twister, Spin the Bottle, and Seven Minutes in Heaven–that the latter staged in a curtained, pillow-filled cubbyhole–or simply leave people to their very own mouthy devices. Guests can bring blindfolds and dirty dice, but nothing pornographic. The second party, hosted in Madame X (94 W. Houston St., nr. La Guardia Pl.; 212-539-0808), is January 11 and prices $8 with an RSVP or $12 at the door.