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The manufacture and composition materials

[size=6]The manufacture and composition materials[/size][size=5][/size][size=4]Why should adoption of liquid-core straightening[/size] Improve the casting speed is to improve the production capacity of continuous casting machine an effective way. According to conventional design, the liquid core slab and the casting speed is proportional to the length. Therefore, high casting speed of the liquid core strand continuous casting machine necessarily very long, such as straightening still using solid-phase is bound to make a great radius continuous casting machine, which is obviously unreasonable. Therefore, the need to adopt with a liquid core straightening.[size=4]What is multi-point bending, multi-point straightening technology[/size][size=4][/size] 1:00 straightening is a slab from the mold out, by 1 / 4 arc length (Ji R / 2) to reach the level of tangent tangent point along the horizontal line after the forced straightening sent. The design of the arc radius R is a constant (R = R0, RO for straightening when the radius), the curve’s curvature c has remained a constant (C = 1/BO); at the cutting point suddenly becomes 0 (C = 1 / ∞,), namely a straight line. Point will be met by each straightening roller outside the arc within the arc of a two-roll pose. Multi-point straightening is to focus on large deformation of dispersed point to the gradual deformation of a number of points, so that each point of the deformation rate will not exceed the allowable extreme with. To use a number of the middle of the transition radius R1 R2 R3 … … Rn step by step in order achieve our goals. The overall rate of straightening deformation R0 ~ Rn 1:00 straightening when the sum of the deformation rate. 1:00 bending mold is straight out of the top slab subject to a group of people bending backward curved roof arc segment. Multi-point bending is straight out of the slab mold subject to multiple sets of top-roll bending the top bend into the curved section.[size=1]Casting Machine:[/size][size=1][/size][size=4]Why is the widespread use of highly efficient multi-point straightening continuous casting, multi-point bending technology[/size] As the high-performance billet continuous casting in the liquid core length is very long, the need for straightening with a liquid core. In-band straightening liquid phase when the slab interface in the two-phase region the strength of solidified shell and allowing the deformation is negligible. Multi-point straightening should be able to concentrate a little more than a variable spread to the point of completion, to be straightening point rhyme deformation rate was controlled within the allowable range; eliminate the possibility of cracking within the slab produced can be achieved with liquid core correction straight. Therefore, the widespread use of high-speed continuous casting of multi-point bending, multi-point straightening technology.