Cell phone plan for an erasmus student


First of all, sorry for speaking English and not Italian but I almost don’t speak Italian at all.
Next year, I’ll be in Roma for an erasmus year.
I went on the website of TIM, 3 and vodafone but I doidn’t really get the points I wanted to as I don’t really speak Italian.

I wanted to know how long were the cell phone plans. I’ve understood that they could be only for 24 months or 30 months. Am I right or wrong?

If, I’m wrong what’s the price of an iPhone (I know that in September it will be iPhone 5 and that we don’t already know the prices but they should be quiet similar of those of the 4) with a cell plan of 12 months ? Does such a contract exist?

Thank you very much for you answer and if you don’t understand me, please ask me to explain myself as I’m not English but French!

Thanks a lot!

Welcome in this forum!
Your right, the plans could be only for 24 months or 30 months and doesn’t exist 12 months plan.
You could buy an iPhone with 12 months financing service and than buy a rechargeable italian sim.

Thank you for your answer!
Can you explain me this point of financing service or a link where I could find some information about it ?

Sorry I forgot to write that the financing service is available on Apple Stores (online or in the retail stores).
Financement sur l’Apple Store en ligne - Apple Store (France)