A Trip to Beijing Zoo

A Trip to Beijing Zoo
When checking out china travel, be sure to visit the capital city and explore everything it has to offer, look at Beijing Tours for ideas of what to do and where to go. If you are looking for a fun filled day out to share with friends or family, why not take a trip to the Beijing Zoo. As well as the world famous panda house and aquarium,Guangzhou Flights, there are lots of different species of animals to see as well as the beautiful gardens and natural scenery.
The Zoo is located in the Xicheng District and with a total area of 89 hectares including lakes and ponds, be prepared for a lot of walking! It is well worth a visit as it is one of the oldest zoos in China and has one of the largest and most diverse animal collections in the country, in total you will find 14,500 animals there – although I can’t guarantee you will see them all on one day!
The Zoo’s most popular attraction is of course the Giant Pandas, a widely respected species of animal in China, which has recently become a national emblem for the country. Although you have to pay extra to enter the Panda House, it is well worth the money to see these magnificent animals in the flesh, roaming outside in their enclosures and playing on their man-made playgrounds. You do not need to worry about feeling sorry for these animals being in captivity as they are given plenty of space in their indoor and outdoor enclosures and the Zoo is helping to prevent their extinction.
A Giant Panda in its enclosure
The other top attraction is the Aquarium inside the Zoo. Although you have to pay a fair bit more to go in, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed given that it is one of the country’s top attractions and the largest inland aquarium in the world. As well as its wide range of fish including man-eating fish and fierce sharks, you can also watch dolphin, whale and sea lion shows in the Aquarium’s Ocean Theatre – definitely a highlight!
And finally, if its a nice day why not take a boat trip up the river – you can even go as far as the Summer Palace! I would recommend finding a quiet time to visit the Zoo so as to avoid the crowds and to get a good view of all the animals there.
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