verifica account apple

ciao a tutti,tre giorni fa ho creato un account apple, mi è stato detto di attendere una mail dove avrei trovato un link per verificare il tutto. La mail non è mai arrivata e per questo ho mandato una mail all’assistenza esponendo il problema. dopo un paio d’ore mi arriva questo:Dear Federico,Welcome to iTunes Support. I am Ronnie and I will assist you today. I understand that you have created an account with iTunes and have not received the verification email. I know this must be disappointing I will do my best to resolve the issue.
I would like to inform you that we can verify the account but before doing that we need to confirm the address you have used on iTunes. Please reply to this email with the address you have used to create the itunes account.
I hope to hear from you soon, as resolving this issue is important to us.
Have a Great day!!Sincerely,Ronnie
Da quel che ho capito quindi mi bastava rispondere alla mail dalla casella di posta che avevo dato, e l’ho fatto ben due volte, ma oggi mi arriva qusto:Federico, this is just a quick follow-up to your previous request. I haven’t heard back and just wanted to remind you to send the information required to resolve the issue. As a valued member of the iTunes Store family I didn’t want to leave you without any type of resolution. If I don’t hear from you by today or tomorrow, I wanted to let you know that at that point I will be closing this case out. It’s been my pleasure working with you and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the iTunes Store. Ho ririsposto, ma non capisco perchè le mie mail non arrivino! cosa posso fare?