tory burch sale Accuracy of satellite remote sensi

Accuracy of satellite remote sensing of land-use survey

, Residential land,tory burch sale, waters, higher quantitative accuracy, garden, woodland and unused land less precise, a small area of grassland are distributed and the total number of small, satellite images interpretation and correction of small surface features are Missing. In addition,tory burch shoes, because the 1992 land-use detailed survey data, satellite photos is December 1993,wholesale mac cosmetics, aerial photograph in 1994, of which there are changes in land use, particularly changes in the larger municipal districts. Above analysis, quantitative accuracy by various factors, especially related with the interpretation difficult, but the cultivated land, water, urban and other land survey is still very effective. In addition, the 1:25 million scale is too small,tory burch sale, is almost the nature of investigation, using Landsat TM data as the main information in Table 3 million satellite Yangzhou 1:25 investigation and contrast the city’s total land survey errors Yizheng City area Gaoyou Baoying Jiangdu City Hanjiang County error error error error error error error /(%)/(%)/(%)/(%)/(%)/(%)/(%) sources 1:10 million land-use survey,louis vuitton wallet, the use of human-computer interaction visual interpretation method, to reduce the image playback, digital scans and other procedures, paperless operation, increasing accuracy. 5 Conclusion (1) satellite remote sensing survey of land resources can play a large role in the Landsat TM data as a small-scale survey of land resources, the main information source is reliable. (2) using image processing, geometric correction, visual integrated interpretation, field investigation, the computer area measurement methods such as satellite remote sensing to ensure that the survey to achieve a higher positioning accuracy and some qualitative quantitative accuracy. (3) analysis of the ground based on the survey sample area using aerial photographs and background of basic geographic information database in support of the results of satellite remote sensing interpretation, small ground objects and linear features were corrected, can effectively improve the quantitative accuracy to meet the needs of territorial planning and decision-making. (4) The application of remote sensing, GIS and mapping integration technology for remote sensing of land resources survey into the practical stage, not only can achieve high accuracy, and built the technology and the land use database for land use change dynamics monitoring of the foundation.
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