Nike Production probably Flow

[size=9pt][size=4]NIKEcompany since 1999 used EDI means their suppliers contact directly clothing style, color and quantity conditions to EDI mode Shan will delivery loan shortened to 3 ~ 4 Months. It also urged supply fabrics weaving mill first U.S. Corporation reported newly developed cloth samples, from designer choose suitable fabrics designed garments styles again after orders Leave garment manufacturers production; Moreover clothing manufacturers use .[/size][size=4] Fabrics must also yes NIKE company recognized weaving factories production. Way, weaving plant must advance planning new products for NIKE Corporation purchase. But because fabric yes buyer specified, Nike production probably processes,asics shoes buyer granting garment makers set cloth shortened, garment vendors delivery Also increasingly short, from past 180 days shortened to 90 days. NIKE in China produced NIKE shoes 95% return to America market. NIKE companies in China business model based proxy operating mainly small part operational own shop operating. Like Tao Kyrgyzstan, Rui Na, cross World, first exploration companies are NIKE agent companies. NIKE In China transport modes mainly road transport, there small part deals air transport. Offshore products entrust third ***** logistics company Air Transport directly transported located in China major cities NIKE[/size][/size][size=4][/size]