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Benefits Of Inground Lifts
When you need car lifts for your new car dealership or national service chain, there are many out there to choose from. How do you know which lift will be the best for your dealership? Which car lifts will ensure that your service center is as productive as possible? One of the best options on the market today is an inground lift.
Inground lifts are a great option for many reasons. If you want to maximize revenue inground lifts are the way to do it. Some of the benefits of inground lifts include:
Increased number of service bays: With a smaller footprint than surface mounted car lifts,tory burch outlet, inground lifts help you maximize the number of service bays available. With an increased number of service bays, you should expect to see an increase in revenue.
Eliminate vehicle damage: Since inground lifts dont have columns or any overhead obstruction, the risk of vehicle door damage is greatly reduced.
Professional look: With an open, aesthetically pleasing design,louis vuitton wallet, inground lifts create a professional showroom style appearance for your car dealership.
Long life: These car lift units are completely self-contained in a polymer cassette tub to protect your investment.
Environmentally friendly: Hydraulic vehicle lifts are fully contained in a recycled polymer cassette tub. Not only that, technology has surfaced where some of these inground lifts are operated by environmentally friendly means (air and water).
Simple maintenance: Although you might expect that servicing an inground lift could be difficult,mbt cipo, its actually much easier that youd think. In fact, you can service inground lifts from above. No digging is involved, all you need to do is remove the cover plate and make your repairs. If you need to service your lift, it can be done painlessly and quickly.
Faster, higher rise: With a faster and higher rise, inground lifts allow you to service vehicles quickly, resulting in higher productivity.
Ergonomic: One of the greatest advantages of inground lifts is that they can raise vehicles to work at a technicians ergonomic working height to minimize fatigue and increase productivity.
When choosing lifts for your dealership or service chain, consider the many benefits of inground lifts. With the ability to save space and give your dealership an open and appealing atmosphere,tory burch shoes, inground lifts are a great option. In addition, you can continue to lift cars in your shop without worrying about harming the environment. With all of these benefits, its not hard to see why car dealerships and national service chains choose to install inground lifts.
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