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About 2 PM yesterday, the people’s hospital of Beijing university onset a special ward inside newport cigarettes coupons, 26 policewomen Colombia lying in bed, the husband wang wore masks at a side care.
Because treatment need, Colombia cheap newport cigarettes, hospital every day need a blood transfusion, sometimes lose blood source nervous not blood. To ensure treatment, Colombia university students multilateral contact, to find a lot of friends to the hospital to donate their blood.
“Haven’t found heart patient.” The husband said, the wife only a brother, matches completely false. More importantly, Colombia badly infected, temporarily unable to transplant. Several days ago, a kind-hearted lady linked to Colombia units, says it is willing to donate his bone marrow, also did matches check, there has been no results.
At present, Colombia prophase in more than a month and treatment has spent more than 20 million yuan Sale nfl jerseys, the houses of hubei parents have to be sold. Unit colleagues and friends also donate 20 million yuan.
Her husband says the wife was diagnosed with acute aplastic anemia (extremely heavy nature), doctors say the disease mortality rate is 90%, the best treatment is a bone marrow transplant.
Report from our correspondent (reporter bus wide) to the capital international airport police branch female police Colombia, suffering from acute aplastic anemia (extremely heavy nature), the doctor said the disease mortality rate is 90%. Faced with high treatment costs, parents sold the house of my hometown. Unit colleagues and friends for their contributions 22 million yuan.

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