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The first truly i-smartphone unlock sim card for iphone 3G (not need cut sim card)

i-smartphone for iPhone 3G Key Features:

* 99% of iPhone3G function work perfectly. (The airplane mode is baned for technical needs)
* Data 2G, Data 3G, Wi-Fi and SMS are fully functional.
* NO signal lost
* No need to cut your own sim
* unique slim chip design

The market peddles the black color chip pastes, the white typeface product is counterfeit goods

At present in the market sells the i-smartphone black white typeface non-packing product is counterfeit goods!Notice:
Recently so many fake i-smartphone sim unlock come into market sold by some counterfeiters. Please pay attention that the word “i-smartphone” writes in black or white, or without our packing is all fakes. Our i-smartphone company produce a specialized unlock sim only for iphone 3G. They are different from our universal unlock sim. So many resellers sell universal unlock sim as unlock sim for iphone 3G to customers which result in so many loss to the final users. We state seriously here that we only produce a unique unlock sim specialized for iphone 3G which have best signal stability, can find signal back automatically. The most important is that they can work perfectly in 3G network.

Unlock iPhone 3G successfully in traditional unlock sim way, put original sim card together to iPhone 3G sim unlock card, cheat iPhone 3G’s recognition procedure, let it mistake this card is demonstrate card, so let iPhone 3G’s every function under used normally. Adopt IC designed on the back side,abolish traditional cut sim card way. It can be used directly with out cut sim card, more easily and convenient! In the meanwhile solve signal lose problem when change one cell tower to another, to make the 99% signal back automatically.

New pack with anti-fake serial number refuse counfeit, at present all our product adopt orange color pack and with serial number. We don’t use former black gift box any more, you can have a serial number check about the product you buy is original or not by surfing our webpage, Validation of anti-fake. We’ll keep try best to prevent counfeit,protect consumers’ benefit.

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