How is iPhone XS battery supposed to perform?

Because I’m not happy with how my brand new phone is performing. To put it lightly.

I’ve read that iPhone XS is supposed to run for 10 hours of continuous web surfing with 4G. And if you’re watching an HDR video it’s supposed to go down by only 5% in an hour. Now I don’t know how legit these numbers are, but my phone isn’t performing nearly as well as those stats.

It can go down by 10% in an hour of Reddit browsing (with a little bit of Tumblr and Safari) with around 70% brightness. I don’t use my phone much during the day because of work and I don’t use 4G much at work because of Wi-Fi. But by the time I have to leave it’s usually around 40%.

I have skimmed through this subreddit and quite a lot of people seem to have the same battery performance I guess? Like 5-6 hours screen on. It just doesn’t make sense, the phone charges for 3 hours and you can use it only for 5-6 hours? The heck? And some people here have their phone run for 9 hours with heavy usage. I’m so confused.

How is it actually supposed to perform and should I get my phone checked or replaced if possible?

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