For Sale :Apple Iphone 5 32GB/ Aple ipad 2 32GB

We import and export different types of mobile phones, All brand new, well packed and sealed in original company box, unlocked with 1 year warranty.Shipping Company: UPS and DHL, FedEx

Delivery Time: 2days
Minimum Order: 1-20units
Delivery anywhere
We work in 24Hrs

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Apple Phone

Apple Tablet iPad 64GB (Wi-Fi + 3G:::::::::$420
Apple Tablet iPad 32GB (Wi-Fi + 3G:::::::::$320
Apple Tablet iPad 16GB (Wi-Fi + 3G:::::::::$270
APPLE IPHONE 4G 32GB::::::::::::::::::$450
APPLE IPHONE 3G S 32GB ::::::::::::::$370
APPLE IPHONE 3G S 16GB::::::::::::$300
APPLE IPHONE 3G 16GB:::::::::::blush: 250

Nokia Phone

Nokia E7::::::::$370
NOKIA N8:::::::::::::$400usd
Nokia E72:::::::::::$350
Nokia N97 32GB Mobile Phone:::::::::::$340
Nokia X6:::::::::::::$320
Nokia X3::::::::::::$270
Nokia N97 32GB unlocked::::::::$220

Blackberry Phone

BlackBerry Touch 9800::::::::::$350
BlackBerry Bold 9700:::::::::$300
BlackBerry Bold 9500:::::::$250
BlackBerry Pearl::::::::::$320
BlackBerry Bold 9000:::::::::::$300
Blackberry Storm 9550::::::::$300

Samsung Phone

Samsung i8910 Omnia HDUnlocked::::::::::::::$400
Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia Unlocked::::::::::$220
Samsung S9110 watchphone unlocked::::::::::::$350
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Unlocked::::::::::::::::$350
Samsung S8500 Wave:::::::::::::::::::::$290

Sony Ericsson Phone

Sony Ericsson Idou::::::::::$250
Sony Ericsson Hazel (Unlocked Quadband) GSM Cell Phone::::: $380
Brand new Sony Ericsson Satio:::::::::::$300
Sony ericsson Satio Idou:::::::::::::::::$350
Sony Ericsson G900 (Black)::::::::::::$250

Htc Phone

HTC MAX 4G Unlocked H::::::::::::::$400
HTC Touch HD2::::::::::::::::::::::::::$350
HTC Advantage X7500:::::::::::::::$300
HTC Touch Diamond:::::::::::::::::$320
HTC Touch PRO:::::::::::::::::::::::::::$350
HTC Touch Cruise:::::::::::::::::::::::::$310

E-ten products
Eten glofiish V900 :>> $320usd
Eten glofiish X900 :>> $350usd
Eten glofiish DX900 :>> $400usd

I-mate products
i-mate Ultimate 9502 :>> $350usd
i-mate JAMA 201 :>> $360usd
i-mate 810-F :>> $380usd

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