ciao a tutti sono Alice e finalmente mi sono regalata un iphone 3g nuovo fiammante, quindi ho deciso di iscrivermi a questo forum per poterlo conoscere al meglio!

ciao, benvenuta :smiley:

firmware 2.2? non è ancora uscito :stuck_out_tongue:

oddio scusate mi sono dimenticata uno 0
era 2.0.2 oooppppssss sorry^^


ehehehe :w00t:


It is a good artical and helpful for me to read it.There is a short story as follows:I do not speak out, because I will not speak Putonghua, the people of a thick, only listen to the quiet, the laughter can also laugh, to thealso, or quietly. Mouth of the functional loss of an important aspect, especially on smoking, better-Chila, Chicu. I have to learn Putonghua, is the first meeting I once Jinya the time, and I love when I have some reputation is another, often been invited. But my theory, the tongue on the hardware, such as models walk the streets of the word step, the purpose of vinegar Liu. Nausea have their own tone, it also exports ashamed to let others listen, so no final studies. Later wish to Chairman Mao do not speak Putonghua, and I do not say. I listen to the Jiaxiang Hua outsiders do not understand, often said to be one side of a pen to write these words, speaking of thinking will have to cut off, speak no more of the passion, nor has he had fun, not simply a result, said. One summer, a Beijing writer Mo Yan’s call to Xinjiang, and suddenly I made a telegram, I went to Xi’an Railway Station to pick him up, then I have not seen Mo Yan, on a card to write the “Mo Yan” in Transferred to the station waiting for him to a morning I did not say a word, many people straight Chouzhuo I do not speak, it failed to reason, Mo Yan Xian, fast until the afternoon, I asked a person compelled × ×, The arrival of the train did not, the person first hand the card over, I had a child, said: “Now I can speak to you I do not know.” I suddenly wake up to the card reads “Mo Yan”. It’s nice word, but to let others use a pen name. I now often mentioned a bag, is a deaf-mute school gave me, and I often have to “deaf-mute school”-the word out, go find it very comfortable. Will not speak Putonghua, I untold, I do not meet the leadership, see a woman, see born, slowly at the lack of social, spent more melon. But I will curse, and then scolded his home soil, I feel the United States and Chang. I say so when, in fact, very sad heart, not hate themselves too, again on their own morale, in many articles, I wrote I never wrote is the birthplace of the mountain of poverty, and write "place of birth as Shaoshan, "said Putonghua will not write partial wrote: Putonghua is the words of ordinary people! Upon a monk taught me the secret of the major achievements: a mind, tight-lipped. My daughter in her bedroom, also wrote that the motto of eight characters, but she wrote: “Heart of a defensive-such as the mouth.” Ping is my Ruming, she said that she also Moriguchi, such as the father. Will not speak Putonghua, I lost a lot of good things, but also avoid a lot of right and wrong. There are rumors and messages - With rumors mouth, messages on T. I will not gossip, and rumors of rolling when I came, I can only goldEVE ISKDofus Kamaswow gold

ALICE, Benvenuta “nella community delle meraviglie”…:smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:


ciao benvenuta :smiley:

ciao alice e benvenuta!