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Polyester and Fiber Industry in the World

[size=6]Polyester and Fiber Industry in the World[/size][size=5]The world’s polyester and textile industry[/size][size=5][/size] As the polyester in a bottle, film, plastic and other non-fiber products to promote the growing field of applications, more rapid development of the world’s polyester industry. Years between 1990 -2001 the average growth rate of production capacity of 10.7%, yield an average growth rate of 9.1%, the world’s polyester and textile industry from the rapid growth phase of the development to a period of steady increase in all-out competition. The twentieth century, the early seventies, the production of polyester fibers mainly in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and several other industrially developed countries and regions. Eighties, the high growth areas of its production shifted to East Asia, of which South Korea and China’s Taiwan Province, the most prominent. By 2001, the Asian polyester fiber production accounts for about 70% of the world’s total.[size=1]Polyester Fiber:[/size][size=1][/size][size=5]European companies have accelerated the alliance[/size] In recent years, polyester industry facing new development, Taiwan and South Korea and Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, have significant growth is characterized by large-scale, technologically advanced, highly competitive. European companies have accelerated the alliance, annexation, reorganization of the pace of investment projects to polyester to Eastern Europe, Asia, expansion of foreign products will further compete with Chinese enterprises in the Chinese market. Polyester textile industry along with polyester industry has also been developed rapidly in 2002, polyester fiber production 20.42 million tons, of which filament production was 11.64 million tons. Polyester fiber is mainly used in textiles, the small amount used in the industry. Regions with the highest annual growth rate in 2002 are: China, Indonesia, Turkey and Western Europe.